Who Cleans Up Crime Scenes?

Thinking about the crime scene of a murder portrayed in movies and television your mind may go to blood splatter, flashing lights and fingerprint dusting. But what happens after the police have left the scene and the family is left to deal with the aftermath? This is where crime scene cleaners come in. Crime scene cleaning is a rarely seen but necessary part of the process. Many hazards exist when dealing with crime scenes which is why it is best handled by professionals.

What is Crime Scene Clean Up?

Crime scene cleanup is the decontamination and sanitization after a crime has been committed. Crimes, especially violent crimes can spread blood and bodily fluids around an area. After the crime scene investigation concludes, it is up to the victim to handle the clean up process. Because of the hazards that exist at the scene is it best to have professionals experienced in crime scene clean up handle the decontamination process. 

Why is it important to bring in professionals?

Not only do professional crime scene cleaning services have the knowledge, tools and personal protective equipment to get the job done; having bioremediation professionals come in can alleviate a lot of the emotional trauma that can be endured during the cleaning process.

Hazards Involved in Crime Scene Clean Up

When it comes to crime scenes the size and severity of the crime can differ greatly. There are multiple layers of contamination that exist at the scene that pose health and safety hazards to everyone involved. Chemicals at the crime scene can pose an inhalation and exposure hazard. Dealing with blood and decomposing bodies present a major biological health hazard. Depending on how long a body decomposes it can liquify and soak into the floors as well as the surrounding furniture. 

Crime scene cleaners wear specialized PPE to protect themselves from these hazards. They were thickly lined body suits, booties over their shoes and heavy duty respirators with HEPA filters. Along with that, they wear layers of gloves and eye protection to stop any fluid or dangerous particles. 

| Who Cleans Up Crime Scenes?
| Who Cleans Up Crime Scenes?

What Does the Process Look Like? 

After a crime occurs, many are surprised to realize the burden of cleaning up the crime scene falls on them. That is why bringing in professionals who know how to handle the situation is so important for the safety and mental well being of everyone affected by the crime. 

The process of cleaning up crime scenes by a professional team includes a series of steps. After the body is removed, a biohazard clean up team comes in and establishes a perimeter around the scene to prevent cross-contamination. Then they will work to clean up the blood, dirt, and any other fluids that are left over. Once everything is cleaned up and decontaminated they use a deodorizer to make sure no foul smells are left behind. 

Crime scene technicians are there to provide relief and make it look like a crime scene never happened. Crime scene clean up can often go unnoticed until the service is needed. Knowing who to trust and what to look for in a bioremediation company is key to moving forward in a safe and healthy way. 

If you would like to know more information about crime scene bioremediation ask the professionals at Aftertime-Bio Recovery Services. They specialized in crime scene cleanup and can ensure the scene is properly decontaminated while providing compassionate care to those affected.

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