What Are the Causes of Water Damage?

Water damage can wreak havoc on a home causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Water damage can occur in many different ways with varying levels of impact. When water gets into places it shouldn’t be, it can cause damage such as warped floors, mold, discoloration, and weak foundation. If water damage isn’t addressed quickly and professionally, the chances of restoring your home decrease significantly. We’ll take you through the different causes of water damage and how to best prevent or respond if one of these situations happens to become your reality.

Causes of Water Damage

 Severe Weather

Hurricanes, floods and thunderstorms aren’t an everyday occurrence but when they happen they can leave your home heavily damaged. If you live in an area prone to flash flooding, this increases your risk of your home experiencing water damage. Severe weather can also damage your roof leading water straight into your home at an alarming rate. The best way to mitigate the damage from severe weather is to have clean gutters and downspouts, trim overhanging trees and inspect and repair any weak spots in your roof.

Leaking Pipes

Pipes leaking is another risk that can cause severe water damage to your home. This can sneak up on you before you realize what is going on. You could have an ill fitting pipe that leaks or it could be a damaged pipe in the wall that creates the perfect environment for mold to thrive. The best thing to prevent this sort of damage from happening is to regularly check your faucets and hoses to make sure they are tight as well as knowing where to shut off your water main.

Washing Machine Water Line

A faulty washing machine water line can leak heavily flooding your laundry room in minutes. If your washing machine water line is made out of PVC or rubber there is more risk it could break and cause water damages.

| What Are the Causes of Water Damage?
| What Are the Causes of Water Damage?

Blocked Drain

A blocked drain can cause water to back up into your home causing major or minor water damage depending on the blockage. Kitchen grease, hair, toiletries, or other foreign objects can obstruct the drain and disrupt the flow of water when it needs to drain.

Condensation from AC

During the summer, running the air conditioning creates a substantial amount of condensation. Usually, it falls into a drip pan and flows into a pipe but if either the drip pan or pipe is damaged in any way, this can lead to a water damaged wall, floor or insulation. It is worth the effort to inspect these things in the winter before they get heavy usage in the warmer months.

Water damage can happen when you least expect it and can be costly to repair if not remedied quickly. If you’re wondering how to deal with water damage, the best course of action is to call in professionals like the ones at Aftertime-Bio. They have the skills and equipment necessary on how to assess water damage as well as clean and dry your home so you can get back to living life.

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