How Do You Clean Up After a Flood in Florida?

Floods can cause immense damage to your home and disrupt your life. The thought of cleaning up can feel mentally and physically draining. Aftertime-Bio wants to lift some of this burden by sharing our tips on how to clean up after a flood. We’ll share ways you can get started, stay safe and begin flood restoration efforts.


The biggest concern when first cleaning up from a flood is safety. You might feel compelled to hop right in and start scooping out the water but this may cause more damage in the long run. Standing water in your house may be contaminated with sewage and other biohazards. Additionally, there may be utilities still on like electricity or gas. It is dangerous to try and begin any restoration efforts on your own. Not only is it a safety risk, dealing with flood damage is taxing on your mental health.

The staff at Aftertime-Bio have been through floods and hurricanes ourselves. We understand the pain and hardship that comes with trying to restore your home and salvage what is left. During this devastating time, your health and wellbeing should be a priority. Be sure to take care of you and your loved ones first. Let a reputable service worry about the rest.

Get Started

Before you start any cleaning services make sure you document what your home looks like so you can submit this to your insurance company. Keep track of any expenses you incur and check with your insurance provider to make sure you are taking all the necessary steps to submit your claim.

Next, it’s time to start looking into water damage clean up companies, like Aftertime-Bio. It’s important to find a trusted business that takes care of its customers. Unfortunately, there are many places that use these challenging tragedies to their advantage. Companies can use your stress to distract you. Your health, possessions, and home are on the line. Be sure to take the time and find an honest company that can deliver.

What To Look For In Water Damage and Restoration Services

To ensure you’re getting the help you need, you should consider a few things when looking into a water damage restoration company. Use these topics to narrow down your list of “water damage restoration companies near me”:

  • Experience: Have they dealt with water mitigation like this before? Do they have the proper equipment?
  • Insurance: Is the company insured? Do they have safety protocols in place to ensure their team is protected in case of an accident?
  • Certification: You want a business who knows what they’re doing. Is their team properly trained and certified?
  • Reputation: What do their clients think of them? Can you find reviews from previous customers?
  • Process: You’ll want an idea of what to expect. Can they estimate a timetable for this project? What are the steps they’ll take to ensure your needs are met?
| How Do You Clean Up After a Flood in Florida?
| How Do You Clean Up After a Flood in Florida?

Aftertime-Bio Is Here To Help

If you need advice or want professional help, the expert team at Aftertime-Bio offers water damage and restoration services. Have peace of mind knowing your home will be repaired correctly and safely. To learn more, visit our website at aftertimebio.com.

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