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Everyone understands how incredible air conditioning can be during the hotter months, but not everyone knows how to clean air ducts or why they should do it. There are several great reasons to keep your ducts clean, such as better air quality, efficiency, and overall health. If you’re looking for the best company to clean air ducts, then Aftertime Bio could be just what you need. 

Why Do I Need to Clean My Air Ducts?

You might not give much thought to the air you breathe at home or at work. Air is all around us so it’s easy to take for granted. It doesn’t help that it is also odorless and colorless. You forget it’s even there. However, just because you can’t see or smell the air in your building doesn’t mean that its safe and clean. How could you tell there’s a problem with it if you can’t see or smell it? 

Air quality problems are one of the things that people only notice when it’s too late. You get a cough or a cold and it lasts longer than it should be. If you leave your air ducts too long without being cleaned, then dust, pollen, and debris quickly piles up in there. It turns your air ducts into the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other microbiological compounds. These microorganisms can affect your health and cause allergies. 

If your health problems are caused by what’s happening in your air ducts, then all the prescriptions in the world won’t help. Failing to treat the root cause by ordering clean air duct treatment means the things that make you sick are always present, waiting to strike again. Hiring a service like Aftertime Bio to clean the dirt, dust, bacteria, and other problems from your air duct is the only solution. 

Clean Air Duct Treatment For AC Efficiency

Another reason to have your air ducts cleaned regularly is to ensure your A/C system continues to function normally. You might notice that you’ve got your unit on all the time, but it isn’t working effectively and the air remains as humid and stale as it was before. You might think that your machine is on the fritz, but it’s a possibility that it could be full of dust. Hire the best company to clean air ducts to come and remove all the dust and get your A/C unit working properly. 

The standard A/C system blows up to 450 cubic feet of air per minute through air ducts around the house. If those ducts fill with dust and debris, then it causes the A/C unit to push harder to get the job done. If the A/C unit is always running at full power, it leads to expensive electric bills. Worst of all — your home is always as stuffy and warm as it was before. You aren’t even getting anything for all that extra money. 

| Air Duct Cleaning Service
| Air Duct Cleaning Service

How Aftertime Bio Cleans Air Ducts

Aftertime Bio has all the experience and equipment to clean air ducts you need. You can rest assured that our team will leave your home and business as clean as possible. Our detailed process provides exceptional disinfection and protection from bacteria, mold, dust, allergens, and much more. 

The first thing we do is inspect the building and ducts for debris and dirt. We also check the system for gaps or breaches that could cause problems. These breaches could be the reason that outside contaminants entered the system in the first place. Next, we use specialized tools to remove all the dirt and debris in the duct, freeing them from the sides of the ducts. We then use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to remove anything left in the ducts. We finish the service by doing another inspection to ensure that all the contaminants are gone from the air ducts before declaring another job well done. 

The health and safety of your family, employees, or customers is paramount. A dirty A/C system blows dust, dander, pollen, and other allergens into your home or business whenever you turn the A/C on. Having the ducts clean means that your home or business is cleaner, healthier, and safer. Get in touch with Aftertime Bio today to learn more about how we can help you breathe easier. 

How Often Do Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned?

The answer to the question of how often you should clean your air ducts depends on the circumstances. We encourage cleaning if you notice mold in and on your ducts, have ducts infested with vermin, or see excessive debris and dust in your ducts. When that happens, it’s time to call the experts. 

HVAC Cleaning and Disinfection

Contaminants such as mold can live and thrive in any area where moisture is present, including inside an air duct system. When these problems set in, it turns the whole A/C system into a breeding ground for mold. The system ends up spreading spores through your home instead of clean air. 

After removing the source of the contamination, we thoroughly clean and disinfect your system to prevent further issues. Taking the time to clean your ducts properly like this means that you’ll get better indoor air quality, contributing to overall health and happiness of anyone inside the building. 

Improve Your Air Quality With Aftertime Bio Air Duct Cleaning Services 

Your air ducts cycle air into your home, so having clean air ducts means you get plenty of clean and fresh air. The less contaminants you have in the system, such as allergens and dander, the better for your health and wellbeing. You’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of having clean and healthy air when you hire the best company to clean air ducts. Having a clean system is the key to having an efficient system that lasts for years to come. Cleaning from Aftertime Bio pays for itself in terms of electric bills and HVAC maintenance savings.

Get in touch today to arrange an inspection or air duct cleaning session. 

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